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Lake Fred is an actual lake located in the flat pinelands of southern New Jersey. It is also one of my knicknames acquired while I was at college. There is (or was) a Lake Fred Folk Festival in the springtime.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday in Houston, Texas

I am a Hurricane Katrina evacuee living in Houston, Texas for a while. Actually, I am a double evacuee, having left Houston for Baton Rouge for Hurricane Rita. I had to work in Houston over the weekend, so I found a local church to visit this past Sunday. The Galveston-Houston Archdiocese has a cool feature on their website. It's a map of Houston with crosses denoting the location of their churches. When you click on the cross, another page comes up with details about that particular church including the Mass schedules. Using that, I discovered St. James the Apostle Church in Spring, Texas as being the closest church to my apartment. I attended their 9:00 AM Mass. It was very nice. St. Paul's epistle talking about helping others when they are in need really hit home. The pastor asked if there were any Katrina evacuees in church. When I raised my hand, the people applauded. I was asked to fill out some form for Archbishop Hughes of New Orleans after Mass. People talked with me after mass. It was very emotional for me.
It seems that this storm has brought out the best and worst in people. That has been the real religious experience for me, from the people that helped me and my family (the good) and seeing the bad stuff on television. This struggle of good versus evil is very evident in the Katrina aftermath with both the selfless volunteers helping people to the looters helping themselves. Evil will continue in the use of restoration funds. Will evil politicians skim funds for themselves? Will restoration companies defraud the government and/or their customers? Will people scam their insurance companies and the government to get more than they deserve? Will insurance companies screw their policyholders to help prevent their losses? The looting that will go on now will not be on camera for the world to see.


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