Lake Fred

Lake Fred is an actual lake located in the flat pinelands of southern New Jersey. It is also one of my knicknames acquired while I was at college. There is (or was) a Lake Fred Folk Festival in the springtime.

Monday, October 31, 2005

C'est Bon - Katrina Victim

This hibiscus bloom in my garden was snapped on 3-29-05. The cultivar is named C'est Bon and is one of Bobby Dupont's creations. It doesn't always look like this. The summer pattern is a thin white outer border with the body filled with lavender. This bush is a good bloomer and will set seed pods, but I have not been too successful in creating seeds with C'est Bon. This bush had been threatening to die on several occasions over the past two years, but Katrina's flood waters were the last straw. I brought a disc with a lot of hibiscus photos from my garden back to Houston, so I'll try to post a lot of blooms on this site.


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