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Lake Fred is an actual lake located in the flat pinelands of southern New Jersey. It is also one of my knicknames acquired while I was at college. There is (or was) a Lake Fred Folk Festival in the springtime.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Canal Blvd. Hibiscus Bushes Were Acadian Spring

At this month's New Orleans Hibiscus Society meeting, Father Gerlich shared a story about some plants that I long admired that grew in front of a house on Canal Blvd. between Harrison and Fillmore on the Eastern side of the street. There were three four foot high upright Hibiscus plants that were normally covered with huge light colored blooms the size of paper plates. I never knew what variety they were until now.

Father Gerlich told a story that he and Bobby Dupont took a short drive to look at the Canal Blvd. Hibiscus during the set-up of a New Orleans Hibiscus Show at Mt. Carmel High School in 2005. Bobby identified the blooms as his Acadian Spring cultivar. Sad to say that Hurricane Katrina killed these bushes as the flood waters where these bushes grew in Lakeview was probably ten feet deep for weeks.

Now I know what they were and by coincidence own such a bush. I will need to plant one in my yard if I don't have to move to Houston.


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Amy Proctor said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. We Catholics need to stick together. I also am a northern Catholic but left the Church as a teenager and was devoutly Protestant. My husband and I have seen the light of orthodoxy and back to the Church we came.

I'll check back in!


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