Lake Fred

Lake Fred is an actual lake located in the flat pinelands of southern New Jersey. It is also one of my knicknames acquired while I was at college. There is (or was) a Lake Fred Folk Festival in the springtime.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Hit Water!

On September 5, 2005, which was the first day we were allowed back to our homes, we had to dig a hole to bury our garbage. Without electricity, all the refrigerated food had spoiled. With no garbage pickup available, the local government officials urged citizens to bury their garbage on their property. It was very hot and we started the tough job of digging a garbage hole. We weren’t able to go very deep before we hit water. Looking back at the calendar, even though it seemed like a long time before we were able to return, in reality it was only seven days after Hurricane Katrina had hit the area. We had floodwater for a number of days, so it is perfectly understandable to have such a high water table. You’ll notice the gloves on our hands to protect us from nasty bacteria. You can also see an old bottle we found during this excavation project.


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