Lake Fred

Lake Fred is an actual lake located in the flat pinelands of southern New Jersey. It is also one of my knicknames acquired while I was at college. There is (or was) a Lake Fred Folk Festival in the springtime.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Golden Dust

This bloom is a garden variety hibiscus called Golden Dust. It must have been overcast when I snapped this photo, making the background appear blue. I love this picture just for the colors. I had this Golden Dust a number of years, but sadly it got beat up by Tropical Storm Cindy. I tried to splint the broken branches with bamboo shishkabob skewers and duct tape. It wasn't doing too well when Katrina hit. It lived for a short while after the flood waters receded, but it did not survive. At least I have this great picture from March 23, 2005.


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