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Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Day for LSU

Well, I was wrong about Les Miles leaving LSU. I think all the speculation forced the issue on both sides, forcing LSU to pony up to the table and offer more money. The money and the situation at LSU made it a no-brainer for Les Miles. He will be a richer man for staying at LSU than he would have been for moving to Michigan. ESPN's Herbstreit reported that the Michigan deal was a done one, forcing Les to angrily declare his fealty to the Bayou Tigers before the SEC Championship Game. Only God knows if that declaration made the difference in the players' motivation to win the game against Tennessee. We do suspect that God aligned the planets and stars in such a fashion to cause both West Virginia and Missouri to lose and to allow LSU to leapfrog other teams ranked higher into the BCS Championship game. This change of fates gives Les Miles the ability to achieve three things in one game. One, he can beat Ohio State without needing to become the head coach of the Wolverines. Two, he can win the BCS National Championship. Three, he can erase the shadow of Nick Saban looking over his shoulder.

Winning the SEC Championship is quite a feather in LSU's cap. The last time they won was the year they won the BCS Championship. Ryan Perrilloux also redeemed himself in this game, being named the game's MVP. He will be the field captain next year, so it's good to earn his tiger stripes in a meaningful game. Congrats go to Les Miles, Ryan Perrilloux and the entire LSU team. What a weekend!


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